Saturday, May 8, 2010

les poissons?

This is a project I've had in the works for a couple days now... I bought a canvas simply because it was on sale and I've been wanting something to hang above the fireplace in my room. So I sketched a few things and decided on fish. I drew the image I wanted in Microsoft Paint to determine my color scheme, and (after getting Kristofor's opinion - he liked a yellow background the best) went to Michael's, bought the paint, and went to work!

The finished result! I outlined the fish with a Sharpie (oh so professional). It was fun to do, I'm glad to be done with it, and happy that I have something to hang above my fireplace!

The problem I have with hanging my own artwork or projects up around the house is that every time I look at it I criticize it and find faults or think of things I could have done differently. I really hate when I do that, but I can't help myself! So far that hasn't happened yet with this project, so hopefully I don't fall into the same routine!


oddpeterson said...

I love it! I really like the blue color you chose.

Dr. Jensen said...

Holy crap that's really good! If you don't like to hang your art projects up at your house, you can come hang them up at mine!!!!!