Wednesday, May 19, 2010

stuff I like part 2

Any readers out there probably couldn't care less about stuff I like, but it's fun for me! So sorry if you hate this post...the next one will be more exciting, mmkay?

Today I took work off and Kristofor and I took the FrontRunner to Salt Lake to stroll around the Gateway and hang out with some friends. Ohhhh, it was so fun. The main objective of the day was for us to try on some Toms Shoes to determine our size so we can order some off the internet for our anniversary. (I'm so excited but can't decide which color to get!) So we only went inside the few stores that carry Toms, but there was one particular store I just couldn't pass up going into....

Anthropologie! I've only ever been on their website and wanted to see what the store was like so while we were waiting for our friends to meet up with us, I convinced Kristofor to come inside with me so I could peek around. I felt like a kid in a candy store (overused phrase?) - seriously, I felt like my eyes couldn't take everything in fast enough! We were only there for a second because our friends came and we decided to get something to eat and go see a movie. Afterwards I somehow convinced Kristofor to let us stop by Anthro one more time before we went home - - - is he the best or what?!? Or am I the best, because I conned him into it..??

The second time around was way better - my eyes were able to slowly feast on all the glorious designs around me. AND, Kristofor liked it too! How amazing is that?! He said if we were rich we would shop there all the time - this coming from a guy who hates shopping! Oh, he makes me laugh.

Onto the loot! Well, not really because we didn't buy OR steal it....but we can pretend for now.

Kristofor liked this octopus coat hanger (don't tell him I didn't really like it, kay?)

I liked these bath towels - they remind me of my Gramma Davis because they're fancy and oven and whatnot, except they're groovy because of the awesome colors! (I'll bet Kristofor didn't like these - when I showed him he did an obligatory nod and went back into his own world)

This store makes me want to purchase completely unnecessary things I would never need, like this cloth napkin with a bird woven into it all homemade like.

Kristofor and I both liked these melamine plates .... until we saw the price tag. *cough!*

Kristofor was interested in with this cup and saucer set. There were tons out and on sale but we couldn't find the price! (We thought the cup came separately and kept checking the bottoms of different cups to see if there were price tags fact, I knocked a whole stack over while in the process of price checking and almost died because I was so worried I would somehow have to end up paying for all the stupid expensive cups even though none were broken but what if an employee saw me and got mad - !!!!!)

He also liked this dinner set. The octopus was a popular theme today.

Okay I didn't see this wallpaper at the store, but still, I love it! Just the right amount of color to make it pop but not enough to make it too crazy.

These letters were pretty cool - the only one I would have wanted would be an "M" but it only came in the fabric that the "A" is in, which is my least

We went home empty handed.
It was oh, so good.

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Emily Harkness said...

Anthropologie makes me wish I was rich, too...