Tuesday, May 11, 2010

and the boy turns 25

Kristofor turned a quarter of a century old last week! YAY for getting old!! ;)

This is him on his big day. I was standing below him when I took the picture, so the angle is weird. I think he looks like he thinks he's "bad you-know-what-it-rhymes-with-glass."

For my boy's birthday week I bought him something new every day. One day I gave him Toblerone, obviously not knowing he doesn't exactly love toffee....okay, weirdo! Another day I bought him a Styrofoam head for us to decorate...more pictures of that later. Another day I brought him a 44 oz. Coke. See? I can be semi-thoughtful.

So anyway, the night before his birthday I thought it would be cool to give him a tiny surprise. A little background: As you may remember, a favorite place of ours to 'get away' to is Anniversary Inn. We haven't been in over a year and would have loooved to make it there BUT with our limited funds and poorness we decided to just stay home and hang sans jacuzzi and awesome room. At Anniversary Inn they not only serve you a yummy breakfast and supply you with movies to rent for free, they leave a little gift for you when you check into your room. That little gift is called a perfectly chilled bottle of Sparkling Apple Juice and 2 slices of delicious cheesecake in the mini fridge.

SO! COMING BACK TO MY LITTLE SURPRISE: I thought it would be fun for Kristofor and I to have cheesecake and Sparkling whatnots for his birthday. I bought sparkling apple juice at Macey's (Big plus! It was on sale! Little did I know, that's because it was "Lite" with 2/3 less calories than regular sparkling drinks! I didn't notice until I had opened the bottle! Arg!). I went to Albertson's (or whatever it's called now) to get cheesecake. Now, they had mini cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory for 6$, or an off-brand but large cheesecake for 10$...hmm, the frugal woman inside me chose the 10$ hugeness. It really was huge. I thought, "Kristofor loves cheesecake, this way he will be able to have as many slices as he wants, AND it's kind of a better deal! AND I'm not spending 6$ on a mini cake!"

So I surprised him and it was lovely and it was nice . . . Until we realized the apple juice was a bit funky from the Splenda they put in it, and the cheesecake . . . was pretty bad. ("I cry!") Really, that cheesecake tasted like cheap cheapness with too much spice and not enough cream cheese. Oh, I was sad. Kristofor laughed. He said, "That's just so you. You are thoughtful, but then...something is just slightly off." So I was bummed for a while, and then I got over it and we laughed together. And I drank all the juice. I grew accustomed to the taste and ended up really liking it. . . I am not lying, I drank it straight out of the bottle.

We put our giant cheesecake in the fridge with a note inviting any and all to partake.

There have been 3 slices eaten in total.

I guess it doesn't always pay to be frugal. Next time, I'm getting a GOOD cheesecake and I don't care how much it costs!


Alright, my fingers and tired of typing and I pretty much just want to watch my series now. So I'll finish up with the rest of the story of Kristofor's actual birth DAY next time - it really was fun. I loved it.

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