Monday, January 12, 2009

sneaking out

On New Years Day Kristofor and I ran away to.....

Anniversary Inn! In early December we had been wanting to go there to relax and celebrate getting done with the Fall semester but decided it was too expensive.

But after 3 days of having our 13 year old Nintendo-crazy nephew over, giving him free reign of our TV and cupboards, taking him out to eat, bowling, etc. etc. and getting no "thank you" the entire time (this is also after all holiday stress and craziness)- we decided "JK" on the whole "the Inn is too expensive" thing and booked a room! This is the room we first stayed in on our Honeymoon (don't think about it too much) and we love it. We stayed in the jacuzzi for 4 - yes - 4 hours! It was heaven! We watched a few movies, drank our fake champagne, ate cheesecake and oranges in bed, slept in . . . it was definitely worth it!

Now here are some pictures from the trip up.

I love the sign in this picture, and also notice the Peak in the upper left corner. My cousin Sarah and I used to think this was the cliff Pocahontas jumped off in the movie - it looks just like it!

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