Saturday, January 3, 2009

work and Santa

Work has been slow lately, filled with lots of "busy work" (hole punching papers, alphabetizing folders, stuffing envelopes, etc.). It's exactly this type of work that I hate - because it makes me lazy, my mind wanders and I don't focus. We've been gearing up for our busiest time of year, trying to get everything ready in advance so we dont have to worry about it during tax season. I'm glad I know what to expect this year with tax season, but worried because I'll have to work more hours this year - full time work and almost full time school. . .

I am such a big whimp!!

Anyway. The holiday season was lovely, the best part of course was the holiday parties. At the Jensen party I sat on Santa's lap - he groped and grilled me! J/K about the groping part, but it was a tad uncomfortable with his hand on my hip. But seriously, he asked what I wanted and I said "maybe a camera." Santa: "Well, what kind of camera?" Me:"I don't really know, just a camera." Santa: "What, a Nikon 1723987?" Me: "Sure, if that's a good kind??" Then he asked me what else I wanted - Uhh... Umm.... ?????? Whew, sitting on Santa's lap sure freezes your mind! I knew exactly how Ralphy felt in "A Christmas Story." I just wanted to tell Santa I wanted a football and run away!

Here's the evidence.

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