Friday, April 16, 2010

ygoloidar...yes it took me forever to spell that

We love each other....although she won't admit on formspring that I'm her favorite sibling, no matter how hard I try to get her to say it.

RaDiOlGy...that's the word on my brain lately.

This whole application process has been an adventure. After job shadowing, filling out forms, getting 3 referrals, sending my (hard earned) application money, almost not making the deadline, interviewing, and getting few letters here and there...I got the deciding letter last week giving me the news of whether I got into the program or not.

The day it happened I actually called Kristofor while I was at work to see if the mail had come yet. It had. I was so impatient I told him to open it and read it and not say anything. So he did. And then I asked him to tell me. And he did. I figure if it's my honey giving me bad news then it's easier to take, and if he gives me good news, it's even sweeter.

Well, I almost got in. I'm an alternate. Which means if someone decides to not go ahead with with the program, I may be selected to take their place. I will know by July 31st if I'm in or not. So I thought I would be done with the waiting game, but I'm not. (But really, isn't life a sort of waiting game?)

BUT! I got a call yesterday. From the school. I was informed that there was a clinic that was taking an additional radiology student. They wanted to personally interview 3-4 alternates...I was told I was one of the highest scoring applicants, so I needed to call the clinic for an interview....!!! I am interviewing next week, so please cross your fingers that all goes well for me!

I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but really, I think this clinic could be so good for me - it's conveniently close, it's a clinic so a little less stress than a hospital, and a smaller scale than a hospital so easier to get to know my way around (It's stupid, but I have this fear of getting lost...lame!), and most importantly, I WOULD BE IN THE PROGRAM! Oh heavens, please let me get in!

I will be glad when this emotional rollar coaster of an application process is over...I just hope I don't have to wait a whole more year to actually start the program, which is what will happen if I don't get in.




Emily Harkness said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!! I hope so much that you get in. That would be perfect! I will cross my fingers for you (and maybe even pray a little, too :))

Madi said...

Yay! That's great news! I hope you get in. :) Oh and that pic of me is EW I look old :( And you already know you are my fav, I just have to throw everyone off so they don't get jealous ;)

Dr. Jensen said...

If you ever want to you can come up to my clinic and I'll show you how to shoot some Xrays and how to develop them. Let me know.