Monday, April 5, 2010


MADI...try not to be disappointed that I don't have one big cool memory of you. That's why this has taken me so long to post, because I kept coming up with memories and I'd say "no, that ones not great enough," or "that one's too short." I give up!! So instead, I'm posting a couple small ones.

*When I was little I remember sleeping in what is now Lola's room. You woke me up all excited and said, "Aariel, guess what's different about me today." I remember being slightly confused and I couldn't guess what it was. It ended up being that you were wearing my new watch!! And for some reason I remember the light coming into this room looked so good in the that still true?

*We shared a room off and on for most of our lives. I remember sometimes before we went to bed (in the gray house) we would "make" each others side of the bed up. One of us would close our eyes while the other one went to work: we would sometimes fluff the pillows up, and we'd make the blankets look like at a hotel, turned down on the corner, just ready to hop in. It made going to bed fun.

*One time when we lived in Nanaimo and were attendingDover Bay we decided to skip the last class of the day. I can't remember if we walked or took the van? I can't imagine walking all the way home just to skip class, it was a 45 minutes walk. ANYWAY, we thought we were pretty cool until we realized....Lynette was home! Crap! I can't remember if she had been home the whole time or got home shortly after we did, but we hid in our room for a good hour or so. We had to stay silent and keep the light off the whole time. Then, around the time we should have been getting home from school we snuck outside, around the house, and in the front door, like we'd just arrived home! How cool were we? Sooo not worth it!

Tee hee.

I love you Mad Martigan!

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Madi said...

Lol I love those! And I didn't remember them so that made it even more fun :)
The light that comes in Lola's room is still really beautiful, thats why I have a lot of pics of the kids in my bed in the morning because the light is so pretty!
I don't know how many times I have skipped class like that and it was never worth it. Didn't stop me tho!
Thanks for finally 'doing me' ;)
Made me smile for sure!!!
Love you Hairy Berrie!