Monday, April 5, 2010


Random thoughts today....

-I really hate writing the number 5. Mine always looks like an 'S' unless I do what they taught in elementary and draw the line on the top last, which I think is lame! 5 is such a high maintenance number...I mean where does it get off being so hard to write? All the other numbers are fine! (Except 8's when I'm in a hurry...but I don't hate 8 - see below)

-Favorite joke from Grade 9: "An 8 is just a O wearing a belt." Har Har Har.

-After I learned about the Water Cycle when I was young I wouldn't comletely drain the water out of the tub after taking a bath. I would leave a good solid inch or two because I wanted to see if it would evaporate. I got frustrated too many times when people would drain it (unaware of my brilliant experiment) and eventually gave up.

-I give Feathers this food that has "natural color enhancers." Well lately he has been getting darker and darker and it was making me mad - I don't want him to look like all the other Beta's, his color is why I chose him! Well I cleaned his bowl out tonight and with him in the nice, clean water I realize....he wasn't really getting darker. His water was just nasty!

-I've watched America's Next Top Model for years now. I usually don't agree with who they choose as the winner, and sometimes I get a little frustred at elimination, but usually I don't care that much...Until this Cycle (Do they really have to call it a Cycle? Sounds a little too close to 'period' to me). Anyway, this season they elimated my VERY favorite girl in the FIRST photo shoot! I have never picked a favorite so early on...and now she's gone. *cry*

-This post is sounding very whiny. I'm sorry! I don't feel whiny. Just...thinky??


Dr. Jensen said...

If you want to see water evaporate, come see my salt water fish tank. I lose 2 gallons of water a day! It's to the point where I'm thinking of setting up an auto-top off feeder so I don't have to keep lugging water around.

Aariel said...

2 gallons a day, what the-?? Yeah if there's a machine that would do that for you, why not? Unless it's expensive. Hmm..