Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alright, ladies. I have put off posting again because...Well as most of my loyal readers know, my Grandma Davis passed away. I love my Grandma and am so grateful I was able to be with her shortly before she passed away. I'm happy that she's been reunited with her loved ones who have gone before her. I wrote about it in my journal (surprisingly, I do use it once in a while!), but I feel like I have to post about it, and really I don't feel like it. So, now - back to regular blogging.

Hopefully. =)


Brein said...

I'm so happy your blogging again! When YOU gonna do formspring?

Aariel said...

Well I'm pretty sure no one but you and Madi would ask me anything..maybe if I can figure out how to link it on Facebook I will. =)