Thursday, March 25, 2010

remember? that one time?

Next up is my little brother Joseph.

One summer when I lived in Canada when we had early church I got into the habit of taking naps in the afternoon outside on the trampoline. This way I could get some sleep AND get a tan at the same time! Genius, I know. Well one Sunday afternoon during my nap, Joe decided he wanted to jump on the tramp. So he came out, with me sleeping/tanning and started jumping! I was so mad! I told him I was there first and to knock it off, I wasn't done with my nap yet! He just said "Tramps are for jumping, not sleeping," and continued to jump. I got up and we started pushing each other or something. Eventually I pushed him off the trampoline mid-jump. I still remember his face - full of fear at the wrath of an angry teenage sister. Or maybe just fear of getting hurt once he landed. Who knows. I know he didn't get hurt from the fall. Maybe he just landed awkwardly? Anyway, I have no idea what happened after that - whether I resumed my nap, or couldn't get back to sleep, or if Joe told on me and I got in trouble. My last memory of that day was little Joe's frightened face.

I still feel guilty about that to this day. It's not like I could blame it on being young like he could when he peed on me (that's a story for another day).

I think the only reason he remembers this incident is because I still bring it up occasionally. "Remember that time I pushed you off the tramp?" I think I am secretly waiting for him to tell me it's okay just one more time. Which he does and we laugh and I still feel guilty.


Brein said...

Brother guilt. I still have it over getting Ben in trouble when we were little. In fact I was just telling J-man about that today. Sometimes it makes my stomach turn to think of how mean I was. Your post makes me feel a little better. :P The poor boys in this family!

Madi said...

Your sick.