Friday, March 19, 2010

did you know i'm a pisces?

We have a fish tank at my work, it's big and pretty and I can see right into from where I sit at my desk. One time something in the tank overheated and cooked all our fish to death. It was sad. I had secretly named them. Shh. I'm lame like that.

Anyway, we have new fish now, and they are. SO. BORING! Our old ones used to mate and make all sorts of tiny little babies that got eaten within a couple days, and they knew when someone came close by, it was time to eat. They loved people.

Not our new fish. Our new fish are terrified of people. They sense you coming and they hide. It's soooo lame! =(

Anyway, sometimes when clients come in they bring their children, naturally. And lots of times when trying to keep their kids entertained while waiting for their appointment they will take their child(ren) over to the tank and say, "Look! See the fish? What does the fishy say? Huh? Tell Daddy/Mommy what the fishies say."

And I think to myself.....what in the world do you want your kid to tell you?? Can YOU tell me what fish say? Pretty sure fish are not vocal creatures.

What do you think?

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Madi said...

People are idiots. :)