Saturday, March 27, 2010

a different type of donut post

This is getting hard to think of one specific memory of someone! But here goes for my big sister Rileigh (aka Wiley).

Somewhere in the ballpark of 4 years ago my step-brother Michael got married. The day of the wedding, all the family came up to North Ogden and stopped by my parents house first so we could drive together to the church. I drove with Rileigh, just her and me. I don't know where her hubby Chris was that day... Anyway, on the way to the church where the wedding was we stopped in a different church parking lot and did and few donuts and had a little laugh. Then we went to the wedding. We sat by each other and spent the whole time whispering, "this is so weird!" Sad but true.

After the wedding we went to my parents house for the reception, but before stopping Rileigh drove us to the end of my parents street (which is a dead end) and drove around the round-about really fast a couple times. I kept thinking, 'okay this is probably the last circle' and then she would keep driving! Of course we laughed and eventually pulled out of the round-about and went and parked in my parents driveway. We sat for a while and she told me she wanted to finish her Monster energy drink before we went inside so we took turns drinking it. It tasted like some green apple funkiness.. I wasn't allowed to drink energy drinks and we never had pop at our house, so I took as big of gulps as I could.

Then we went inside for the reception.

The End.


oddpeterson said...

Well I'm glad you enjoyed the day :P It was a little weird to me too.

Madi said...

Me next me next!!!!!!!

Rileigh said...

I remember that too! That was so fun. You know, your really lucky to have a cool big sister like me dont ya think? ha ha I do recall you were begging for more when i was going.. and going... and going.... Well< whenever your ready for round 2 im here baby cakes! <3

Brein said...

K What. The. Hell. You HATE it when I drive like a crazed lunatic! WHY is Rileigh so cool... huh?! huh?!

Dr. Jensen said...

Cuz Rileigh isn't driving down a busy road speeding and trying to look at whoever is in the passenger seat while talking. Look at the road! I can hear you and you can hear me without eye contact. That's why I didn't let you drive very much on our way to Canada. I couldn't sleep because I wanted to be awake for my imminent death.

Aariel said...

HAH! Well Brein is famous for driving with her cell phone pinned to her shoulder with her head tilted sideways, a drink in one hand and the other on the steering wheel.