Wednesday, March 24, 2010

up again

WARNING: Since part of the purpose of this blog is to be a type of a journal for me, I’m going to have a few posts coming up that are less blog-y and more journal-y.

I had this idea the other day of posting a memory of each of my siblings. Not a general “we used to always” memory, but a specific memory. I figure when I’m old and wrinkled I’ll have a harder time remembering specific details, so might as well put some down now.

In random order, I’m starting with Ben, my older, coke-and-skittle-loving brother.

Once in ‘the gray house,’ when I was somewhere around 7 or 8, or maybe even 6 (I am really bad at keeping track of my age. I usually judge how old I must have been at a certain time by the house I lived in). ANYWAY. When I was around 7 one night I guess my parents weren’t home because Ben and his friend (don't know who) put “Chumbawumba” in a stereo in the family room upstairs and blared the song “Tubthumping.” It was super loud and they started jumping around. I just sat and watched them. Whenever the song said “I get knocked down” they would fall to the floor or the couch. When the song said “but I get up again” they would hop right back up and keep jumping around. I remember the vivid picture the lyrics ‘pissing the night away’ painted in my head. I thought I loved that song and I thought Ben was so cool, jumping around, music blasting…

I heard that song on the radio the other day and normally would have changed the station but…it caught me. I turned the volume wayyy up and felt silly and sang the lyrics and thought of my big brother, jumping around the house, and how cool I thought he was.

p.s. I still think he is really really cool.


Madi said...

LOL I just thought of that the other day. I couldn't remember who was doing that, I thought it was Scott and Michael. Ha ha. Dorks!

Dr. Jensen said...

I can't say that I remember doing that. I do remember doing a lot of dumb stuff in high school and that song definitely falls under that category. Nice to think someone thinks I'm cool.

One of my earliest memories of you was playing outside in the front yard at Madi's house. You weren't very old. It was summer and you loved blowing the dandelion seeds all over. Sometimes you got too close and some of the fuzzies would get stuck to your lips and drool.

You also liked to bang your head on the ground when you threw a fit.... even outside. Ouch!


Brein said...

Lol! Cute idea Berry Button! I love it! Ben is pretty cool.... for a dude. ;) XOXOxoXOxo

Aariel said...

Freak madi, now I'm paranoid that it wasn't Ben jumping around! My memory is already failing me and I'm not even THAT old...oh pooey.

Ben - that's a cute memory. I specifically remember one time hitting my head on the ground - I knew it hurt but I didn't care. It's weird to think that Roman and I have grown up in the same house!