Thursday, March 4, 2010

I could be famous

I was embarrased by own behavior yesterday and thought I would share.

We have a 50 cent pop machine where I work, in which we have a variety of pop to choose from. I usually get a Coke, but occassionaly I'm in the mood for root beer.

Now the thing is, I'm picky about my root beer. I pretty much only like Barq's. Anything else...thumbs waaaaay down. Like Mug or A&W. I really dislike A&W. I don't hate it, know. Yuck.

So a while ago the machine was filled with A&W which I never drank. Okay, I did once and learned my lesson. It was filled with A&W but then we got Barq's. So A&W on bottom, Barq's on top. I knew we were getting close to having only Barq's but wasn't sure...there might still be some A&W in there.

I really wanted root beer yesterday so I thought I would take my chances with the 'root beer' button...As I was waiting for the pop to be dispensed I chanted "Barq's Barq's Barq's!" to myself while crossing my fingers. When the can came out and was silver and glorious and I knew it was Barq's and I pumped my fists into the air and said "YES! Barq's!"

Then I took my can...and opened it... "Ahhh. . . Barq's."

And I realized right then and there that I sounded like a really REALLY dumb commercial. Except I wasn't paid to act like that and hopefully no one saw me.


Madi said...

What?! I hate Barqs and I'm a big root beerer. Anything BUT for me. You crazy.

Brein said...

LOLOLOLOL Thats awesome :)

Emily Harkness said...

Aariel--didn't I say this last time, but you are so funny. I really have tears in my eyes. Thanks for the laugh. And I agree with you, Barqs is definitely the BEST rootbeer for sure. I even don't mind their diet!